7 Cities to Start a Business in USA

(Credit: pixabay) 7 Cities to Start a Business in USA
October 8
2:45 PM 2020

Choosing a location to start a new business depends on many factors. Like: what is your branch, what kind of resources do you need, what kind of work force do you need, etc. Here are some of the good guiding points for this process:

- Cost of living

- Cost of operating a business

- Local salaries

- Availability of the workforce

- Strong education century offer more skilled workforce

- Taxing regulations

- Specific state and city programs for startups

- and of course climate

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Orlando, Florida

Orlando has always been known as a busy touristic city but that is not all. It is one of the most startup friendly cities in the country. Programs like VentureScaleUp help with setting up a startup in Florida. Also the medical startups are booming because of GuideWell Innovation Center. Lot of co-working space is ideal for starting up a business while cutting back costs of office rent. All the factors combined with low living cost make this city appealing to workers all around the country. Orlando is one of the fastest growing cities in the USA. That is not only beneficial for having a large pool of talent to choose from, but also great if you are in the real state business. Fast population growth creates a huge demand for housing, and prices are only going up. 

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Austin, Texas

The capital of Texas is becoming one of the best places for startups. It offers support for a wide range of startup opportunities. Austin has a large number of high-growth companies that attract a lot of job seekers and investors. That makes this city a good starting location for your business. Also, it is one of the best places to live in the U.S. It was ranked as the best city to live by the News and World Report.  Austin is a fast-growing city and business community. If you would like to be a part of that growth consider opening a Texas LLC.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

There are two main reasons why Oklahoma City is a good option for opening up a new business: taxes and low cost of living. Low taxes open up a space for new businesses to grow and to mature much faster. Low living cost has a double benefit. As the owner you will spend less money on housing and living costs, so do your employees. That affects the salary levels in the whole city. It will help keep your expenses and taxes low and you're on the road to success. Oklahoma City has been known for its energy business sector. But since the recent drop in oil prices that industrie is going downhill. That situation has created an opportunity for new businesses,  because the workforce and the investors are searching for new opportunities. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

If you are looking for a city to start your startup in, look no further. Large number of options for startups such as the newly founded incubator Boom Startup are creating a fertile environment for new companies. More specifically Salt Lake City has a great business environment for tech companies and startups. Tech industry is growing so fast that there are not enough software engineers to fill up the jobs. State of Utah and Salt Lake City are widely known for their strictly religious population. While that may seem like a weakness, it has been proven to be a great advantage for the business world. Because of their religious background, the workforce is very stable and working hours per week are way above the national average. Also, they have a large population growth because of the high birth rates. Population growth combined with excellent education provided by local universities creates a well educated hard-working workforce.

Tampa, Florida

Florida in general is known for its fast growing economy. It is the fourth largest economy in the nation. More specifically, the city of Tampa is the best city in that state to start a business. It has a stable and good business environment for company growth. It ranked third in best metro for new small businesses by the Landing Tree in 2020. Tampa has great corporate tax policies and low labour costs. The best part in taxation policy is it has no personal income tax. It's Thriving industry attracts a lot of highly educated workforce, and that creates a competitive labour market. 

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Charlotte, North Carolina

The Great American city of Charlotte was known for the first Gold Rush and now a few centuries later it has become the centre of financial technology development. Local business climate and strong universities have created the boom in financial technology startups. This city is a home for nearly 50 fintech companies. The two most successful and widely startups that started in Charlotte are: AvidXchange and Tresata. AvidXchange is a bill-payment processor software that has a networth of $1.4 billion. Tresata is producing analytic software and has a staggering 1 billion dollar market value. 

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