List of Forex Signal Providers to Consider

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Sep 14, 2020 11:24 AM EDT

List of Forex Signal Providers to Consider(List of Forex Signal Providers to Consider) (Credit: Getty Image)

A Forex signal is an indicator or alert derived from a factor or a combination of factors that determine the best timeframe or window which is best for trading. These signals are offered by many FX signal providers and companies. These providers are in overwhelming amounts which makes it hard to choose the right one. The following list of quality and popular Forex signals services providers will help you pick a one much easier.

Despite the many claims of utmost accuracy found on signal providers' websites, many Forex signal providers and companies do not publish independently verified results of live trading using their own signals. If you subscribe to such services, you are ultimately responsible for making the signals work for you and are compelled to use your discretion when selecting a provider and trading based on those signals.

Here are some of the best FX signals companies and service providers for you to choose from:

1. Forex Peace Army

Forex Peace Army is one such FX signal provider that gained popularity due to its high praises in distinct review pages and sites. The platform has a forum-like style set up and puts out a post on each trading day consisting of instructions on how to act on specific news based on its immediate effects. One of the best parts about this provider is that you get many free trading signals.

  • Foundation year: 2006

  • Suitability for beginners: Moderate

2. DDMarkets

DDMarkets or Digital Derivatives Markets has been providing Forex signal services since May 2014. They have also been fully documenting their trade ideas transparently and openly. They operate on a simple process where they carry out thorough research, share their analysis, and then deliver a trading signal when prompted.

  • Foundation year: 2014

  • Suitability for beginners: Yes and it also includes easy to follow trade analysis.

3. Daily Forex

Daily Forex stands apart from its competitors since it offers free signals with written and video instructions which not many FX signal companies offer. Traders enjoy their signal services as they walk them through the ideas behind the trades and what they are looking for to enter the market.

  • Foundation year: 2006

  • Suitability for beginners: Moderate

4. Baby Pips

Baby Pips is quite good when it comes to FX signals. The provider offers massive loads of information and training for Forex newbies. They also provide information regarding some market analysis and signals which you can find under the section 'pick of the day'. Baby Pips is here to help you reason your decisions so that you can learn to make your own trades.

  • Foundation year: 2005

  • Suitability for beginners: Yes

5. 1000pip Builder

This is one of the leading FX signal providers and one amongst the few that have independently tracked and verified results. 1000pip Builder has the objective to produce strong consistent results with minimal drawdown. All the signals they alert traders with include take profit level, entry price, and stop-loss for your better understanding.

  • Foundation year: 2016

  • Suitability for beginners: Yes

6. Forex Signals

Forex Signals is another quality signal providing a company that offers traders 24-hour access to live trading rooms. You get to witness their expert and experienced team execute trades and discuss the market actions as it discloses in real-time. 

  • Foundation year: 2012

  • Suitability for beginners: Yes

7. JKonFX

With a profitable and reliable track record, JKonFX has become one of the finest FX signals providers in the Forex world. It is proudly and efficiently run by Joel Kruger and the team. A reputable +59.18% journal performance had been delivered by Joel in 2016 providing real-time fundamental and technical insights with complete transparency for their 30,000+ subscriber base. 

  • Foundation year: 2014

  • Suitability for beginners: Yes and includes easy to follow instructional videos update

8. Traders Academy Club

Traders Academy Club which was formerly known as Vladimir Forex Signals has bagged some heavy amount of experience since 2011. This signals provider offers standard Forex signals but it is really an online Forex education centre. The site showcases all past trades and signals sent out so that traders can conveniently compare with actual results. Traders Academy Club offers a live trading experience as well as hundreds of educational Forex training videos.

  • Foundation year: 2011

  • Suitability for beginners: Yes

9. Honest Forex Signals

Honest Forex Signals not only offer FX signal but also offer a trade copier signal service since 2011. They have a dedicated page for their statistics with links to exhibit their previous returns on Myfxbook. Many reviews speak in their praises which adds to their reliability and efficiency.

  • Foundation year: 2011

  • Suitability for beginners: Yes

10. Forex Mentor Pro

Forex Mentor Pro is ideal for daily updates and insights for trading days and weeks ahead. They offer the daily updates through their videos. This signal provider offers access to 3 Forex trading systems along with a load of step by step training videos to help you get up to speed quicker.

  • Foundation year: 2008

  • Suitability for beginners: Yes and includes training and systems videos 

Always remember foreign exchange comes with distinct levels of risk so it is important for you to do your research before choosing an appropriate FX signal company or provider. Take a good amount of time for the research so that you are benefited from the signals and not losing large sums of money unjustified.

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