How to Grow Your Venture Capital Firm on Social Media

(Credit: How to Grow Your Venture Capital Firm on Social Media) How to Grow Your Venture Capital Firm on Social Media
September 6
3:42 PM 2020

Venture capitalism is a vague concept for most people; it sounds impressive, and people may hear it and automatically assume you're a millionaire. While it certainly can be a highly profitable line of work, there is so much more to it than meets the eye. Debunking common myths about venture capitalism is one way you can help your firm attract more business; but how do you go about doing this? The problem is that most venture capitalist media is written for other venture capitalists. This means potential clients are often entirely overlooked, and they have no idea how to even start approaching you. Many high-value clients may not even look into venture capitalism because it seems too complex and intimidating. Social media puts a face to your company; you can go from a stuffy, impersonal firm to an engaging, approachable brand that attracts the right type of clients for your business. Here's how to get started.

Choose Only Two Platforms

Contrary to what many businesses believe, social media is not a one-size-fits-all industry. You can't have your hand in every pot and expect a good payoff; unless you are able to produce enough rich, varied content for each separate platform, avoid signing up literally everywhere just to say you have a particular account somewhere. Where is your target audience likely to engage with you the most? Where are they most likely to look into venture capitalism or care enough to hear about it? Twitter can be a great place to share aphorisms and tips, but it lacks the depth required to delve into most venture capitalist topics.

Instead, consider platforms that are highly visual and often chosen for their informative content; YouTube and Instagram are two places where digital media thrives. Video is one of the most powerful ways to capture people's attention; you can also use a video to text transcriber that converts your content into easy-to-read reports. This saves you time and boosts your rank as search engines consider the content more optimized than those with blank or limited descriptions. Transcripts from an educational series about venture capitalism are also useful because your clients can read through them and take notes. Your goal is to offer value through what you create, so you need to choose platforms that help your value make an impact.

Start Blogging

Clients and potential partners are attracted to a firm that clearly knows what it's doing. Articles that provide relevant, useful information to your audience can boost your credibility and help your firm develop a strong reputation as an authoritative leader in the field. VC marketing is often more efficient in long-form posts, but if you think of a catchy way to simplify venture capitalism and make it more accessible, go for it. Make sure that you also promote your content wisely; share on LinkedIn, make YouTube videos that can be embedded in your articles and use infographics or helpful images to drive points home.

Leverage Your Partners

Growing an audience as a small VC firm isn't easy, which is why you need bigger partners to help you grow faster. In addition to attracting new clients, you also want to generate attention and loyalty. More viewers mean greater awareness, so avoid tunnel-vision and keep your focus on social growth, not just profit. Your partners should be able to generate more revenue and greater visibility for your firm. Hiring managing partners who also have a strong online presence can help your firm grow faster and gain credibility.

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