Scheduling Solutions: What Is Time Tracking Software?

By Eric Hamilton

Sep 01, 2020 03:40 PM EDT

Scheduling Solutions: What Is Time Tracking Software?(Scheduling Solutions: What Is Time Tracking Software?) (Credit: Getty Image)

The more mature employee among us will remember the old clock in clock out punch-card systems of days gone by. If you don't you might remember this on the opening credits of The Flintstones! More modern methods came after, some featured swipe cards to clock in and out and there were systems which scanned your hand so no one else could clock in or out for you. 

These were all different ways of reaching the same goal - tracking hours worked by employees to ensure they were fairly paid for the amount of time they worked. Nowadays there are more modern systems such as Deputy's time software and it has really come a long way since the archaic stone age reminiscent punch card system.

Let's take a closer look at some of the benefits of modern time tracking software to see if it's the right choice for your employee scheduling needs.

It Automates Timesheets 

Time tracking software records all of the data every time a staff member clocks in and out of work. Your employees won't have to spend time filling in paper timesheets or worry about keeping track of them either. As long as they clock in and out using your chosen time tracking software everything is recorded. This allows your employees to be more focused and productive while at work. 

It Simplifies Payroll

Payroll becomes a breeze with time tracking software as managers won't have to spend hours cross-referencing and verifying employee timesheets with rotas to record hours and minutes worked by staff. Within the time tracking software, managers can approve timesheets individually or in bulk and with just one tap you can also export your timesheets to your payroll software. Seamless and simple! Within some time tracking software, you can even set up automatic wage calculations and calculate wages for each shift, including overtime pay. This will also allow you to easily identify if there have been any discrepancies in compensation.

You Can Easily View Employee Attendance

When you set up your chosen time tracking software, you will be able to view your staff coverage in real-time. By simply logging in to the software you can see who is working right now, who's on a break and even who is running late or ran late to work that day. This is very useful if there is a gap in a department where you need a staff member to fill in urgently. You can also keep track of staff breaks to ensure that each employee is getting the downtime they need and are entitled to.

You Can Use Records To Improve Business Performance

With time tracking software, you can collect and analyse employee timesheet data as well as compare wage costs against sales. If the time spent by your staff on a certain project outweighed the earnings of that specific project then you will have to adjust and improve upon time strategies going forward. This will enable you to clearly see where your business and your profits can improve over time.

Easily Integrates With Other Software

Most time tracking software will be able to integrate with other software you use such as payroll software as already mentioned above. You can also link your rostering software if it isn't already integrated as well as point of sale software to see forecasted sales against labour costs as you are rostering so you can match them up. If you use human resource software then this can sync with pay rates, employee leave and time off requests. 

Time Tracking Software Is The Way Forward

From the ease of timesheet submission to simple payroll integration, being able to analyse and record data about your staffing costs, if you don't already use a time tracking software, whatever industry you're in, you can see the many benefits to be gained. Many of the services on the market today offer a free trial so you can try it out first. What are you waiting for? Find out for yourself, you'll never look back!

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