Tips to Free Up Storage Space on Your Mac

(Credit: Tips to Free Up Storage Space on Your Mac) Tips to Free Up Storage Space on Your Mac
August 13
10:04 AM 2020

Over time, your Mac may be loaded with apps, documents, videos, files, and other clutter. All this clutter can take up all the space in your computer. Sadly, once your Mac runs out of storage, it will dramatically slow down its speed. Well, we can all agree that working with a slow computer is not fun at all. Freeing up space on your Mac's storage is one of the best ways to ensure quick processing and avoid system errors. Let us give you a few tricks and hacks to free up mac storage space. 

Identify what is taking up your storage space and get rid of old files

The first place to start is to identify what is taking too much of your storage space. This will give you a rough idea of where to begin the cleaning. After you have identified the problem, you can choose to clean it manually or use a tool to do the work. Yes, there are many tools that can help you delete the old files and junk that you no longer need. 


  • After deleting the files, make sure to empty your trash can. Leaving files in the trash can still take up storage space.

Store files in the cloud

Instead of storing your files and folder in your hard drive, take time, and learn more on the different ways of finding storage space in the cloud. Cloud storage will not only help clear up space in your Mac but also improve accessibility, data security, and sharing of documents. You can try Google drive, Dropbox etc. 

Clear cache

We all love a speedy browsing experience. Thanks to what is known as cache, your browser or an app runs quicker and more efficiently. Sounds great, but over time cache grows and takes up a lot of storage space. Therefore, it is important to clear up your outdated cache files as often as you can to create more space. You are wondering how to go about it? It is quite easy! You can try this nice app to help you clear your cache and clean up your Mac. Clearing the cache will boost the speed of your Mac and give you a better experience. 

Uninstall application you no longer use

We all struggle with deleting things, even when we are not using them. Don't let them slow your Mac. You might want to delete that application that you don't need or are not using to free up more space.

Get external storage

If you have lots of files to keep, then it's perhaps time to get an external drive. Modern hard drives are much faster, durable, stylish, and cheaper. Plus, you get to enjoy extra space by transferring your less used files and huge videos to the drive. Some of the best external drives for your Mac are; LaCie Rugged SSD Po, Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Touch, WD My Passport (5TB) or the Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch, etc.

Final remarks

You can try using some of the easy tips to free up space from your Mac. Don't let your Mac slow down. Keep an eye on your space, files, and apps to keep your machine running smoothly. 

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