Know the Benefits of Grow Lights for Farmers Using Hydroponic Systems

(Credit: Know the Benefits of Grow Lights for Farmers Using Hydroponic Systems) Know the Benefits of Grow Lights for Farmers Using Hydroponic Systems
August 11
11:18 AM 2020

It doesn't matter if someone is just getting started with growing using hydroponics or if they are a veteran grower, they may be interested in using LED lights for their system. LED lights are a popular light source and somewhat affordable. They also offer an array of appealing benefits.

There are several types of hydroponic systems to consider, and each one has unique benefits and downsides. While the next "big thing," according to some industry experts, is LED grow lights, some people still wonder how much of this is marketing hype and how much is factual about these lights. It is possible to find help at Agron about these lights and what to use. And, more information can be found below.

Advantages of LED Lighting Use with Hydroponics

Before looking at this type of light sources as a smart option for hydroponics, it is important to consider the lighting rig compared to other popular lighting fixtures. Some of the ways that LEDs have advantages over incandescent and fluorescent bulbs include the facts that they use less energy and run cooler, the bulbs are more durable because they feature a solid state, the fixtures are smaller, and the LED fixtures will run longer before needing to be replaced.

Another area where people are going to see a notable difference between LEDs and other types of bulbs is the luminous efficiency they offer. When compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting, LEDs can create more visible light. This results in light that is more efficient when it comes to creating a more visible light for each unit of power supplied to the bulb.

Keep in mind though, that just because there is more visible light does not mean it is higher-quality light. The specific advantages offered by LED lights are found below.

Faster Harvest Cycling

It is possible to use LEDs around the clock without affecting the temperature inside the grow room. When someone is growing inside, the plants are going to grow based on the conditions created. It is possible to change the light hours, the wavelength of the red light, and other factors.

Energy-Savings Benefits

LED bulbs will consume about 60% less energy than more conventional lighting systems but deliver the same amount of light. Due to this, they are cool when being used. This ensures the grow room is not too warm and will minimize the need for additional cooling in the area.

More Adaptable Wavelengths

With LED lights, it is possible regulate the wavelengths of the light. It is possible to tailor these to the needs of the plants so they can photosynthesize properly. LEDs provide the specific spectrum of light that the plants being grown require. They also offer a full spectrum of light, and it is possible to turn some of the wavelengths off with some models.

Extended Lifespan

LED blubs will last for up to 50K hours. In fact, they last so long that, in many cases, it is the control unit that stops working before the bulbs themselves. These are easy to change if this issue occurs.

When it comes to using LED grow lights for hydroponic grow systems, there are several benefits. Each of the benefits mentioned above makes it clear this is a smart investment and option for any grow house.

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