Do you Get High on Drugs? Get High on Life.

(Credit: pixabay) Do you Get High on Drugs? Get High on Life
August 7
9:45 AM 2020

Drugs come in many shapes and forms. It is a chemicalthat has the capability of altering body functions; it can affect human beings physically and psychologically. Many forms of drugs are maybe legal like alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and some are illegal like heroin, cocaine, etc. Its consumption affects the nervous system. A person's mood, behavior, actions, response, and thinking are controlled by the nervous system. Once your nervous system gets in control of drugs, it results in controlling a person's mindset, behavior, and response.

Grouping of drugs

They can be categorized into five main categories.

  • Depressants

These type of drugs results in slowing down your nervous system. You are not anymore alert towards the happenings of your surroundings. Heroines, Alcohol area few examples of this type. Once you consume these you feel chill and relax. The effects that can be seen as a result of its consumption are anxiety, aggression, or maybe nightmares as well. They are highly addictive and there frequent consumption is highly dreadful.

  • Stimulants

Stimulants are the type of drugs that increases your brain activity to the extent where the state of arousal increases. Your power of feeling tired vanishes and you don't get to know when you're fully tired. It makes you active, energetic, talkative,and fresh. Few examples are Nicotine, Caffeine, etc.

  • Hallucinogens

These types of drugs have the power to alter your feelings and perceptions for example you feel like watching or hearing something that is not present in real. LSD, Magic Mushrooms are a few examples. It detaches you from your surroundings. Its use results in mood swings and alters your senses.

  • Opium painkillers

Opium painkillers create a blast of pleasures. Reality will seem like a dream and you will start feeling drowsy.

  • Others

All the other types of drugs are counted as others. An example is a cannabis.  Such drugs have various types of properties and bring enormous changes in a short time. They contain stimulant properties.

Commonly used drugs

Some of the commonly used drugs are Cannabis, Heroin, Alcohol, LSD, Nitrites, Ecstasy, Magic Mushrooms, etc. All of them are hazardous to health and have different properties.

What are the reasons that lead to addictions?

There are many reasons but let's discuss the major reasons.


Some people lack confidence in themselves. They don't get any inspiration and as a result, they become stressed. Some parents don't pay attention to their kids and this behavior results in less self-confidence.  Such children find relief in drug use.

Stress management

When it comes to managing stress, some people are poor at it. Individuals who shift to a new place for jobs or studies get stress. They don't get used to this change and for them, it is difficult to face the reality. As a result, unfortunately, they find escape in drugs. They don't find their way to managing and dealing with stress. They don't feel like facing real-world challenges.

Societal Pressure

The world is big. Every person faces different kinds of hurdles and obstacles on the way of life. Comparisons with others, peer pressure, life pressures, company pressures are part of daily life. Every age category has a specific kind of pressure that brings difficulty in growing in this world. Many young ones feel that handling pressure is a big task. That is why they start drinking, alcohol, and also become addicted to cigarettes of many types.

So, try to deal with life issues wisely not with drugs. Consult someone but avoid this pathway of drugs which leads to only damage. Get more info here Drug Rehab.

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