Eating Disorders - How Dr. Mark Schwartz at Harmony Place Monterey Can Help Treat It

(Credit: Eating Disorders - How Dr. Mark Schwartz at Harmony Place Monterey Can Help Treat It) Eating Disorders - How Dr. Mark Schwartz at Harmony Place Monterey Can Help Treat It
July 27
2:25 PM 2020

Have you been searching for an eating disorder treatment? Eating disorder is just like any addictive problem which must be dealt with to avoid extensive damage. You can quickly develop tolerance to a specific behavior if not careful, and you need an expert opinion to help you manage your situation. When the eating disorder starts escalating, you will experience an increase in the denial routine and secrecy. It is common when you have stress and can take different forms in your body. This disorder is more of a mental problem than it is a food problem. You require intervention from a medical or psychological expert such as Dr. Mark Schwartz at Harmony Place Monterey to help you alter the course and have a healthy lifestyle. Here is a guide on what is an eating disorder and various treatments offered at Harmony Place Monterey.

What is an Eating Disorder

There are several cases of eating disorders that can result in significant health problems and even death if left untreated. Harmony Place Monterey's Dr. Mark Schwartz is always in the front line formulating new strategies to help you find a viable solution and avoid eating disorders.

It's common to experience purging behaviors, food binges, severe restrictions to food, and vomiting. If you have any of these symptoms, consider seeing an expert such as Dr. Mark Schwartz to help you overcome this problem. It is marked by an obsession with a particular food or having the urge to have a specific body shape.

Causes of Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can be genetic, for instance, among twins when they develop a hereditary eating disorder. Moreover, your personality traits can be another case when you want to look like a certain celebrity. You will find yourself obsessing over particular foods or body shapes.

People with neuroticism, impulsivity, and perfectionism have a higher case of developing an eating disorder. This problem can cost you a lot when not handled. Your career also can affect you, for instance, when you are pressured to be thin. Models are always preferred to be lightweight, thus the need to adopt a specific type of food. This disorder, in return, becomes a significant problem for you.

How to Treat It

An eating disorder can be in different forms, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge, pica, avoidant, and rumination eating disorders. Such cases have severe consequences, including death; therefore, you must be ready to find a viable solution. Harmony Place Monterey's Dr. Mark Schwartz has established several treatment solutions that help you overcome eating disorders. The primary focus is group therapy, which will help you identify the type of eating disorder you are having and how to overcome it. When you speak with the therapists, they will try to find out the primary cause of your problem and derive an individualized treatment program for you. When you visit Harmony Place Monterey, you will be guided on new life skills to adopt while still undergoing treatments.

Dr. Mark Schwartz embraces the fact that most patients have fear, and therefore he uses exposure and self-evaluation to help treat the problem at the individual level. By the end of the treatment program, you will have a new thinking pattern and a sense of self-efficacy and competence, which boosts recovery. This expert deals with Bulimia, Binge eating disorder, and Anorexia, to name a few diseases that affect your daily living. You will not be judged, and you will meet other people suffering from the same problem as you.

When you speak about your problem to a therapist or psychologist, you will feel relieved and receive guidance on a healthy way to achieve your needs. This place has all types of treatment which will work for you and help you go back to your daily routine.

When looking for a viable solution for your eating disorder, consider Dr. Mark Schwartz at Harmony Place Monterey, where the treatments are tailored to meet your needs. You no longer have to worry about the pressure from others to be thin or obsessing on a particular type of food.

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