4 Cool Funding Options for Raising Start-up Capital

By Eric Hamilton

Jul 17, 2020 04:30 PM EDT

4 Cool Funding Options for Raising Start-up Capital(4 Cool Funding Options for Raising Start-up Capital) (Credit: Getty Image)

Many people have great business ideas, but they cannot turn these ideas into profit because they don't have investment and working capital. If you face the same issue, then it's time to know about four cool funding options for your startup capital. 

Approach Angel Investors

If your idea is cool and has a lot of profit potential, you should make its presentation and play it in front of angel investors. They are people with deep pockets and are ready to invest in any lucrative business idea. If you get the attention of an angel investor, he doesn't only provide working capital for your business but also offers mentorship to grow your business quickly. However, this funding option doesn't let you generate significant capital. It's because angel investors are ready to invest a limited amount. If you need substantial funding, then you can think of contacting a venture capitalist. Know how to find angel investors for your startup funding.

Borrowing Money Against Your Car Title

Many confident people don't like to rely on others. Therefore they go with those options that let them generate funds but without knocking at the door of their friends or family. If you are that kind of person, then you should search car title loans near me. This search will let you explore tons of lenders; however, go with one that offers a competitive interest rate alongside flexible terms. A car title loan is a short-term loan in which you used your car title as collateral. The best feature of this loan is that you can start working on your business idea right away as the loan will be sanctioned. However, one major problem of this loan is its short term, that means you need to pay it back within a month. 

Get Help from Microfinance Providers

Microfinancing is undoubtedly the best funding options for a small-scale startup. Many people don't like to get a loan from the bank and easily avoid traditional loan facilities. This option is indeed the best idea when you have an unfortunate credit scenario, but you still need working capital to kickstart your business. You can knock at the door of Non-Banking Financial Corporation NBFC. Getting a loan from that place means having more flexible terms.

Apply in Government Loan Programs

Every year, the government announces some loan programs for those who want to start their business but cannot do this because they lack capital. When your project gets its government funding, you can expect to get a substantial amount of money. However, people don't go with those programs as they don't like to wait for weeks and months. Due to government bureaucracy, the approval process always takes time. Even when you have approval, you won't have your hand on capital quickly as the release of funds is often delayed. Therefore, people usually search car title loans near me because they know that they can get a quick fund when they put their car as collateral without waiting for weeks and months. With government programs, people get upset quickly as they don't like to furnish a lot of paperwork and then wait for a long time only to get loan approval. It's like wasting precious time, which has excellent value in every business.

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