Sustainability For Startups - Smart Strategies To Get You There

(Credit: Sustainability For Startups - Smart Strategies To Get You There) Sustainability For Startups - Smart Strategies To Get You There
July 9
3:49 PM 2020

Starting up a new business takes a lot of work- you need to gather funds, hire resources, get an office-ready, and plan operations. Although sustainability may be the last thing on your mind at this stage, it isn't something that you should take lightly. The benefits of having a sustainability plan in place for startups are immense. You save up on energy bills, reduce your carbon footprint, and build a positive brand image. So it surely makes sense to invest in such a plan right from the start. Here are some smart strategies that you can implement to make your startup sustainable at the core.

Plan sustainable operations

No matter what kind of business you plan to start, go the extra mile with planning your operations from beginning to end. This becomes important if you are into manufacturing because you need to adopt the right kind of processes and practices. Further, operations like warehousing and shipping should also adhere to the standards of eco-friendliness. A solid foundation gives you the best start and ensures that your business remains committed to saving the environment through its entire lifespan.

Invest in green publicity

At the startup stage, it becomes vital to convey the mission and vision of your company to the public. It can actually fuel your branding strategy and get you all the recognition that you would want at an early stage. This is the best time to invest in green publicity so that your idea attracts earth-conscious consumers and makes them loyal customers. Remember to let the consumers know the initiatives and policies you have implemented to make your business eco-friendly.

Prioritize energy savings

Anything that you do to drive energy savings at an organizational level is bound to have a positive impact on your sustainability plans. Consider installing LED light bulbs and having energy savings devices in your plant and office. Opting for community solar instead of conventional power supplies takes your efforts a notch higher. Encourage employees to save energy as well, with practices like turning off lights when not needed, carpooling, reducing paper use, and telecommuting when possible.

Commit to recycling 

Although recycling is something that every business must absolutely do, it often gets less attention than it deserves. Even small actions can make a big difference. For example, opting for paper packaging instead of plastic is the first step. Secondly, it is worth investing in recycling options at your workplace and encouraging employees to use them. Simply setting up a compost bin in your office is a great idea. You may also opt for second-hand furniture to stay ahead with your recycling initiative.

The easiest way to be on track with your startup's sustainability goal is by having greenery around at your workplace. Include indoor plants in your office decor- it will make the place look positive and amazing and keep it healthy as well. And it will convey to everyone that you are a business committed to making the earth a better, cleaner, and greener place.

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