4 Types of Backlinks That Benefit Any Business

By Eric Hamilton

Mar 05, 2020 02:17 PM EST

4 Types of Backlinks That Benefit Any Business(4 Types of Backlinks That Benefit Any Business) (Credit: Getty Image)

Amongst over 200 signals that Google uses to rank content in search results, backlinks stand second only to keywords. Backlinks are so important that they even affect the optimization of keywords for any content. So much so that, the anchor terms for establishing backlinks form the backbone of keywords, and help improve organic traffic online.

However, with Google putting up valid limitations to types of backlinks, it is imperative to readjust white hat link building and incorporate the same to avoid sustaining any penalties.

In this piece, you'll find the types of backlinks that you should seek. Notably, when skimming through link building packages, you can inquire about these backlinks to check and know if the package is right for you. So, without any further ado, let's dive right in.

Links from Niche Directories

You probably know directory links are pretty much dead, but here's the thing- not all directory links are ghosts. Of course, links from generic directories do not affect the SEO for your website. However, if you could fetch links from your niche-specific directory, you not only secure referral traffic but also improved SERP rankings. For instance, if you could list your business on Squarespace, under your specific industry, your website ranking is sure to improve. Additionally, you can also list your business on review websites such as Yellowpages, yelp, etc.

Exchange Programs

As easy as it may sound, exchanging links from other websites within your niche is another backlink type that works pretty well. To avail the benefits of link exchange programs, you may need to participate in conversations and comments with other bloggers. Particularly the ones that hold high authority amongst your target audience. As the name suggests, you can convince the other party to link out to your website and in return, you'll have to link back to their website. It's essentially a give n' take kind of relationship.

Links from Guest Posting

The next best type of backlink is the one that you secure contextually, through guest posting. You can ask your link building company to launch a blogger outreach campaign for your business. What they'd be doing is, reaching out to the bloggers and seeking guest posting opportunities for editorial content featuring a contextual link for your website. The best part is, search engines reward in-body links in the content above all else.

Social Media Links

If you believe that SEO for your website is pretty awesome, but still somehow it is not receiving the traffic it should, here's something for you; secure Social Media Links. Social media platforms are amongst the highest authority domains out there, and a major share of online users is converted through these platforms only. You can publish links to your blog post or your service pages, along with catchy infographics. And you are sure to witness improvement in your website rank as well as referral traffic.

Summing it up, it's not only the number of links but also the quality of links that improve your SEO. So, you need to be careful with the domains from where you are securing backlinks. And the best part is, all of the above-mentioned link types are Google-friendly and high in value.

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