Effective Ways to Let Your Customers Know How Appreciative You Are

(Credit: Unsplash) Effective Ways to Let Your Customers Know How Appreciative You Are
February 24
4:10 PM 2020

Your customers are the very reason your business is successful today. Outside of providing them with quality products and services, businesses should continue to find new and innovative ways to give thanks. A little appreciation goes a long way in improving customer satisfaction, building loyal customers, increasing your leads, while also building your brand's awareness and reputation. Whether your company budget is large or small these customer appreciation ideas are sure to do the trick: 

Customer Loyalty Programs

One of the most common ways to show customer appreciation is a customer loyalty program. These are programs designed for regular customers to gain exclusive access to deals, coupons, and other rewards for their business. Whether you offer exclusive coupons, discounts on purchases over a certain amount, or free products and services after a number of purchases, your customers will be dying to enroll in order to get their hands on the goods. 

Social Media Shout Outs

What better way to feel appreciated as a customer than to have the company you've done business with to shout you out to the world? Social media is the perfect platform to do this. Decide on criteria for a customer shout out (i.e. most visits, highest purchases, or random selections). Then, each month (or how often you'd prefer) create a hashtag and a short post giving a shout out to a customer you appreciate. You can even send them a small gift as an added token of appreciation. 

Host an Event

Everyone loves to have a good time. This is especially true when they're the guests of honor. Every few months, your company can host a company appreciation event for select buyers to attend. You can have catered meals, entertainment, and even guest speakers to entertain your audience. Then, hold a small awards ceremony where you give out custom-made plaques to each customer or client. With offers like free rush shipping available, you'll get your plaques on time and at an affordable rate for those on a tight budget. 

Send Out Cards

There's nothing like being thought of on special occasions throughout your life. If you really want to deepen your connection with your customers, sending out cards during these times is highly recommended. Mailing or emailing cards for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and other special occasions lets your customers know that you're thinking of them on such a special day. 

Offer Free Gifts

Nothing says thank you like a free gift. This doesn't have to be an expensive appreciation tactic. In fact, it can help businesses to get rid of excess inventory and/or introduce a new product or service. You can give out freebies to customers who meet the purchasing requirements (for example, a gift for everyone who sells more than $25 in-store or online). 

Donate to Charity 

If you want to be a brand after the hearts of many, then donating to charity is the way to go. Just about everyone has some purpose or cause they stand by. What better way to let them know that you care about them and their personal interests than to donate to that cause? Simply donate a percentage of your customer's purchases to a charity of their choosing. You can ask customers individually or have them vote collectively on a cause to donate to. This tactic is also great for your brand's reputation. 

Offer Gift Cards

When a customer has been loyal to your business for some time, you want to let them know you're grateful. A quick, easy, and affordable way to do this would be to provide select customers with gift cards. They can be gift cards to use in your store or in another store of your choosing but should in some way reflect the interests of your customers. Add a little handwritten note of thanks and you're good to go. 

Follow-Through on Feedback

When customers have requests, suggestions, or ideas paying attention can prove beneficial. Following-through on customer feedback lets them know that you're listening to what they have to say and care about making your products and/or services the very best they can be. 

Without loyal customers, your business would not survive. That's why it's important for brands to continually think of ways to show appreciation. By utilizing ideas such as those discussed above, you help your brand to stay connected to your target audience while increasing sales and improving your reputation. 

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