Why Every Couple Should Have Pre-Wedding Shooting

February 24
11:49 AM 2020

Pre wedding photos aren't part of the standard sessions that wedding photographers offer in their wedding packages, but they should be. The concept originates in China. Chinese couples orchestrate elaborate scenarios that show off the most exaggerated version of "achieving the American dream" as they can imagine, and capture it all on film.

Our new favourite tradition - which takes the concept of the first look wedding and steps it up about a million notches - is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for the superstitious. The pre wedding photoshoot calls for rented supercars, gambling, drinking, and otherwise acting like James Bond... all in your wedding gown and tuxedo.

Why Should You Love The Wedding Photoshoot As Much As We Do


It's very likely that this concept is brand new to you, and may seem a little odd. With all of the other expenses that come with a wedding, why would you dish out thousands of dollars for a photo shoot that sort of seems out of place?

There are plenty of reasons;

1. Comfort - These photoshoots for couples typically last anywhere between a few hours to a multi-day event. That's a lot of time in front of the lense. Couples want the best outcome from their wedding photos as possible. This extended photoshoot allows them to get to know the photographer(s) and establish a needed level of comfort in front of the camera.

2. Fun - Planning a wedding is stressful. Although the ceremony and reception is modeled on love and happiness, there's loads of pressure and responsibility involved. The pre wedding photoshoot is the couple's chance to indulge in a completely selfish activity.

3. Bonding - Going hand-in-hand with Fun, pre wedding photos allow couples to re-energize their relationship right when they need it most. We've all heard of 'cold feet', which is primarily caused by the stress and pressure of planning and executing a wedding. Couples step away from all of this and experience the pure love they've developed for each other.

4. Personality - Wedding photos are planned in a way meant to achieve a certain look and feeling, which doesn't always reflect the true personality of the couple. The pre wedding photo shoot empowers them to show off something special or unique about their relationship, and whichever aspect of their personality they choose.

5. Travel - The best pre wedding photo shoots involve glamorous and iconic destinations. Many couples have a hard time deciding between relaxing days on the beach and adrenaline-fueled nightlife when deciding where to go on their honeymoon. Now, you don't have to choose!

6. Creativity and Originality - Chinese couples have been enjoying the pre wedding photo shoot for years now, but most Americans have never even heard of the trend. You can be amongst the first to jump into this exciting option and wow your friends and family.

7. Memories - With all of the excitement of a wedding, it's hard to soak up all of the moments. But, there are no distractions when it comes to pre wedding photos. It's just the two of you, the scenario you dreamed up, and the camera. Each moment is your own. Not only will you have full control over how long your moments last, you'll have dozens of photos to bring you right back to those feelings of joy.


Of course, this is a new trend which means you can feel free to make it your own. Skip the wedding attire and rented cars in favor of whatever outfit and adventure will make you happy. Just make sure that you capture it all in an amazing album that you can share with your friends and family.

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