Nursing Home Abuse Cases & What to Do About It

(Credit: Nursing Home Abuse Cases & What to Do About It) Nursing Home Abuse Cases & What to Do About It
January 30
2:37 PM 2020

Are you suspecting or have compiled proof of abuse in nursing home care? Well, this is quite common and research shows that many elderly people actually suffer in the hands of the same people who are supposed to care for them. Sadly, the majority of the abuses go unmentioned because of fear, not knowing that they are being abused, not knowing what to do, negligence, or short-term memory among other reasons. Let's expound more on nursing home abuse and how to handle it if your loved one, victim or witness is complaining about it.

Handling Nursing Home Abuse Cases

1. Get the facts 

Abuse in nursing homes is very diverse and broadly includes isolation, rape, financial extortion, and verbal and physical abuse, etc. The nursing home abuse can also be intentional or unintentional with the latter being mainly caused by inexperienced and untrained staff. Before jumping to any conclusions, gather as much information as you can about the abuse. For starters, talk to your loved one or victim to get as much info as you. You can also find a way to monitor and interview the staff members or any other relevant witness to get some facts or help. 


  • For comprehensive details try to familiarize yourself with individual rights and the rules governing nursing homes in your area

  • Create a safe and conducive environment for the victim to open up including finding the right people for help

  • You should also document the nature of the abuse, the affected person/s, the notable signs of abuse, and the parties at fault. 

2. Ensure Safety of the Victim

Gathering the facts behind the complaint about abuse is just the start. Try to report the abuse to the nursing home management. Depending on the nature of caregiver abuse, response and the actions taken by the management, you can decide to take the victim out of the facility and proceed to file a complaint against malpractice or personal injury.  

3. File a Complaint 

You can file a complaint against a nursing home or an individual by reporting to adult protection agencies, 911 centers, medical facilities, or local law enforcement centers. You should find a nursing home abuse lawyer who will help file a lawsuit.

A nursing home abuse is quite different to other cases, but a skilled attorney will bring you to tabs with the right channels to follow up with the case. After compiling information about abuse, a nursing home abuse lawyer will initiate the legal process for you. The lawyer will verify the facts and will use it to conjure up a solid case against the parties. Having an attorney is actually important in handling matters nursing home abuse law. The lawyer will help you in filing the complaint, answering questions related to the legal process, and take over the process of handling negotiations and litigation, etc. 

In conclusion: 

It is quite heartbreaking that some nursing homes or staff switch from caring for the elderly to scarring them physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. Luckily, there are options on what can and should be done to protect your loved ones or victims from such abuses, including filing a lawsuit against the parties involved.

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