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What Do I Need to Prove My Personal Injury Case?

(Credit: Unsplash) What Do I Need to Prove My Personal Injury Case?
January 29
1:43 AM 2020

When you've been injured in an accident you are no doubt left with all sorts of questions. After all, most people do not go to law school and are just going about their business when tragedy strikes. Unfortunately, these incidents can be due to others' negligence, intention, or recklessness. In such a case you will want to be compensated for your injuries and have the responsible party pay. Proving that they were responsible is where a knowledgeable and trustworthy attorney can assist you greatly, but there are some things you can do to help your case.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

You cannot claim damages if you have no proof that the damages occurred, or that you were injured. If you were injured badly enough, the thinking is, then the pain and fear of prolonging care will have motivated you to seek medical assistance. In fact, this is precisely what the judge - and jury if your case does go to trial - will bring up. Damages, or what you are claiming to require compensation for, must be asked for with a concrete dollar amount, which is calculated based on medical expenses. If you were taken by an ambulance then this will not apply to you, as you will already be receiving a hospital bill. But if you have not gone to an emergency room or urgent care facility to have your injury looked at, then you need to go immediately.

Some accidents leave victims injured in ways that do not show up immediately. It may be days or weeks before a joint or your neck is swollen and difficult to move without pain. The injury could have possibly been detected earlier, however. It might be argued that the injury was caused later by another accident and that the claimant is trying to get an innocent party to pay unnecessarily. You don't want to give the other side any room to criticize you, especially since you have already been through enough. Get checked, and keep records of all your medical bills.


Wherever the incident happened, photos not only show the actual damage to property and people (images of bruises, cuts, etc.), but any factors that may have contributed to the accident, such as a blocked road sign, or a particularly dangerous intersection.

Witness Statements, And Other Testimonies

The most obvious people to testify on your behalf are the people who witnessed the accident and can explain what they saw. But if you don't have witnesses, you can still have family members, professors or teachers, colleagues, or people who just know you very well talk about how you've changed since the accident, from severe changes in personality because of the stress and trauma, and have experienced a loss of concentration, dizziness, or other symptoms that are harder for a doctor to notice. These testimonies can help you win damages for pain and suffering, and you can if you have experienced anguish and humiliation as a result of your accident.

Hiring An Attorney

Your injury will require different types of documentation, which you may not be aware of. You may even need expert witnesses, which an attorney can secure for you. Hiring an attorney is a smart move to help you prove your personal injury case. You can find out more here.

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