Signs you are in a Toxic Relationship

December 23
10:45 PM 2019

Every relationship has a bit of toxicity in it. Ideally, no relationship is perfect. There'll always be something or other which needs fixing. However, when this toxicity spirals out of control, you experience problems. How do you identify these relationship troubles? 

While in a relationship, if you ever feel uneasy, uncomfortable or belittled, you need to stop and ponder. Question yourself! It could be a sign of something bigger and toxic. Initially, a lot of signs of a toxic relationship go unnoticed. However, there are a few sure-shot hints that you can't ignore. So, for your safety, our team of experts has come up with a list of some signs of a toxic relationship. Be aware, and get out of a relationship, whenever you see such signs.

Tip: Toxic relationships aren't always about your partner's behaviour, you could be the problem too. You need to determine the red flags in you before you find faults with your partner.

You partner always finds faults in you

Sarah, who offers online assignment help Australiasays that she was once in a relationship where her significant other always found faults in her. Further, her partner never supported her hobbies or interests and criticized her regularly. If you are in a similar situation, it could be a sign of a toxic relationship. But how to be certain of it? For this, you need to keep your support system in place and active. So, whenever you get put down or criticized, you must talk to your friends or family or anyone you love and trust. Taking other people's opinion will help you be objective of the situation. 

They rob your self-esteem

Kiara, who offers online assignment help says, that her partner had a habit of constantly picking on her. So, if you too hear criticizing comments on a day-to-day basis, you are in a troublesome relationship. 

Some such statements could be:

1.     "Oh, you look bad in this dress."

2.     "Stop using so much makeup."

3.     "You just met your friends last week."

4.     "Chop your hair."

5.     "I don't want to go out. You can do the cooking."

Now, there may be times when these aren't coming from a toxic relationship, but these are statements you cannot ignore. If your partner is constantly making you feel bad about yourself, you aren't in the right place.

No balance of Power

Question yourself - 'Who has more power in your relationship?' If the answer is too clear-cut, there exists a problem. Ideally, in every relationship, there must be a balance of power. Of course, there are times when you let your partner win, but if it happens every time, you are missing out on balance.

They are excessively jealous and controlling

Rhea, who works with a platform where you can buy essay online, says that she was in a relationship, where there was no 'me-time'. Is it toxic? Of course! In a relationship, you shouldn't do everything together. Obviously, for all the big things in life, you need your partner around, but you cannot squeeze the 'me-time' out of the relationship. Also, if your partner gets jealous, every time, you talk to or about a person of the opposite sex, you have a problem brewing in. 

Zero Self-Care

A relationship is toxic if it doesn't involve self-care. Self-care is crucial to keep toxicity out of a relationship. Anaida, who offers online research paper writing service, says that while she was in a relationship, she completely gave up on her friends, her interests and hobbies. If you are doing that too, you are building yourself a toxic relationship.

You yearn for them to change

Let's take a situation:

Your partner showcases toxic behaviour, and you

1.     Ignore it, or

2.     Allow it, or

3.     Justify it

Now, you do either of the three, because you love them, and you think it is going to pass. Yes, it might be a bad day or a bad moment, but if it happens every day, there's no justification. A relationship becomes toxic, not only, when your partner showcases a toxic behaviour, but also when you stay in it despite everything.

People usually drag a toxic relationship with a hope of change. Roxy, who offers the best data science online coursesays that the problem in her relationship was, she'd justify every act of her partner, with a hope of change. So, if your significant other is constantly putting you down and you keep justifying the situation with a hope of change, you are building a toxic relationship.  

You feel insecure

If you constantly question the love in the relationship, you have your answer. In a healthy relationship, there's no insecurity. You trust the very fact that your partner loves you. However, if you have to check his phone, doubt his whereabouts, there's nothing right about this relationship. Now, in such a situation, the problem could be you, and maybe your partner is doing it all right. So, identify the cause of insecurity. Only then you'll be able to rectify the situation. You could seek help from a family therapist if needed.


Your partner never takes responsibility

If your gentle reminder to your partner, to not place the wet towels on the bed ends in a fight every day, then it is a toxic relationship. People in a healthy relationship, accept their partner's feedback and try to work on themselves. Laila, who took a DigitalOcean free trial recently said, that while she was in a relationship, her partner would turn the blame in every situation on her. You know, you cannot be wrong, all the times. But, if it is always you who are getting the blame, despite the situation or the problem, it is a toxic relationship.

Bottom Line

The longer you stay in a toxic relationship, the harder it gets for you to come out of a situation. So, be aware of these warning signs, and get out of such a relationship right away!

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