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3 Reasons Cannabis Tech Offers the Best ROI

(Credit: photo) 3 Reasons Cannabis Tech Offers the Best ROI
December 21
10:12 AM 2019

The legalization of cannabis for medical and recreational use across a wide range of jurisdictions in North America has fueled one of the most exciting cycles of investment over the past decade. While some companies and investors have been able to turn a handsome profit, many others have been frustrated by complex regulations and government bureaucracy. 

For that reason, many investors looking for a safe return on investment have become leery about cannabis stocks. Why take a chance on a market that seems to constantly be threatened by supply chain issues and political instability? 

The truth is that cannabis can provide a lot of exciting and relatively safe investment opportunities - so long as you avoid cannabis producers themselves. 

Modern cannabis production is a technologically sophisticated process, and a number of cannabis tech companies have taken advantage of the challenges inherent in growing, tracking, and selling cannabis to provide targeted solutions. 

For this reason, here are three reasons to consider cannabis tech if you want to cash in on the green wave sweeping Canada and the United States.  

1. Cannabis Tech is Essential to Production 

Growing cannabis isn't like growing any other crop. In addition to the specific challenges of cultivating different strains of the plant, producers also need to keep large volumes of data about each individual plant so they can remain compliant with government regulations. This is usually accomplished by using software that helps track every cannabis plant from seed to sale. 

One of the reasons why investing in a cannabis software company offers such a reliable ROI is because the more regulated the cannabis sector becomes, the more essential cannabis software will be for successful cannabis producers.  

2. Tech Solutions Drive Cannabis E-Commerce

Unlike other industries that have undergone a shift from traditional brick-and-mortar shops to online purchasing, the legal cannabis industry came of age alongside e-commerce technology. 

This means that most people purchasing cannabis for medical purposes are buying it online, which requires integrated sales platforms specifically designed to allow producers to stay compliant with government regulations. 

Investing in cannabis tech means getting a piece of the booming cannabis sales happening every day online. 

3. Cannabis Tech Companies are Poised for Domination

Cannabis remains a controlled substance, and for that reason, it is unlikely that cannabis producers can take advantage of the kind of international market that has driven the success of companies like Anheuser-Busch. 

Cannabis tech companies, however, are already proving that they can operate internationally while still providing solutions tailored to individual jurisdictions. This means that cannabis tech firms can access global markets in a way that few cannabis producers will be able to. 

If you're an investor who is always on the lookout for exciting new opportunities, you've probably already considered cannabis stocks. But if the churning market has left you queasy, consider switching to cannabis tech. 

Not only does it often offer a better ROI, cannabis tech will almost certainly continue to be a reliable performer in the coming years, as other countries and states opt to decriminalize cannabis products around the world.  

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