Tips to Hire the Right People for your Business

(Credit: pixabay) Tips to Hire the Right People for your Business
December 18
2:34 PM 2019

You need a combination of creativity and diligence if you are looking to recruit top talent. The internet has made it easier for someone to publish job posting and reach a big audience - but connecting with candidates and driving excitement about the role and the company too. This makes it important for you to stand out. It can be a very stressful time when you are tasked with recruitment.

Below are some recruitment strategies that will go a long way in helping captivate potential candidates, creating a good first impression of the company, and hiring top candidates.

1. Treating Candidates like Customers

Whether it is an in-person interview or a phone screening, the first impression the candidate gets is very important. You should try making them feel like you are as excited about learning more about them as they are being on the shortlist. One technique that seems to work most of the time is treating interviewees the same way you would your customers.

Respect their time. Whether it is an in-person, video conference, or a phone call, make sure you do it on time. If you are going to be late, then let the candidate know as soon as possible.

Being hospitable. Once the candidates get to the interview, ask them what they would like to drink and where the restrooms are. You should go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable and welcomed.

Making yourself available. You should give the candidates with your contact information so they can easily reach you if they have any concerns or questions during the process.

2. Using Social Media

Social media has become a powerful tool for recruiting. With social media, you can share the job posting while encouraging a two-way conversation. While its likely people who are going to see it will be interested in the role you are looking to fill, they could know someone who fits the description. When you use social media to share day-to-day office life and events, potential applicants can get to know a little more about the company.

3. Implementing an Employee Referral Program

Great people tend to surround themselves with highly capable professionals. While there is a good chance employing are sharing the open roles with their network, having an employee referral program can help in encouraging this even more. When you give incentive referrals with bonuses and contests, you will end up motivating your workforce to bring in the best talent they know to your company.

4. Crafting Compelling Job Descriptions

It is important to write an attention-grabbing job description because it determines how the engagement with qualified candidates will be like.

Below are some tips to put into consideration;

Being specific with the title. The more accurate it is, the more effective it will be in catching the interest of interested and qualified job seekers.

Have a captivating summary when opening. The summary is going to give the qualified candidates the chance to know more about the role at the company.

Including the essentials. Make sure you have included the core responsibilities, day-to-day activities, hard and soft skills, and explaining how the position is going to fit into the organization.

Make sure the job descriptions concise. According to Indeed Data, up to more than 30% more applications were received when the description was between 700 and 2,000 characters.

5. Making Use of Sponsored Jobs to Stand Out

Every day, thousands of jobs are posited and this can cause job visibility to diminish with time. One way of ensuring that your job posting will keep standing out is by a sponsored job. When you get these paid listings, they will appear at the top and the bottom of the results pages, and they won't fall with time.


6. Checking Resumes Posted Online

Many resume hosts have millions of resumes from job seekers across different locations and industries. An employer can visit the site then search through the resume by using the geographical area, job title, and skills. There will be a lot of results, and you can still narrow them down by using education level, years of experience, and many more. Read this guide to writing a professional resume to get an idea for what you should look for from a candidate.

7. Considering Past Candidates

When hiring for a given position, some candidates don't make the cut because of their timing or external factors but are talented. If you want to recruit for the same position, then you should try revisiting the resumes sent by past applicants. The applicants might have also learned a new skill or two since the last time, or maybe they have gained more experience.


8. Claiming Your Company Page

Before sending their application, job seekers tend to research salary data, employee reviews, benefits, and more. When you claim your company page, you will be the one controlling it, which can help prevent misinformation. You also have the chance of responding to reviews.

9. Attending Industry-Related Meetups

While job fairs can help in finding qualified candidates, attending events not focused on recruitment can be a good idea because you have the chance of meeting motivated industry professionals interested in networking and advancing in their field. If you are interested in hiring a software engineer, look for a meetup, local group, or association that focuses on software development then go for the meeting. You will realize the most passionate individuals are going to stand out.

10. Including Peers in the Interview Process

There are times when the best option for interviewing a candidate is a person who works in a similar role. He/she knows what it takes to succeed in the position, and they are in a better position to know whether a given candidate has the necessary skills and experience to do the job well. The current employees can also help the candidate know the day-today experience and know what is expected of them if they get the job.

When it comes to the hiring of the right candidates, you need to think outside the box while being persistent. When you use the above recruitment strategies, you will have a better chance of getting a professional who is highly qualified and passionate to join your team.

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