3 Ways to Stress Less and Sell More This Holiday Season

By Eric Hamilton

Nov 29, 2019 03:20 AM EST

3 Ways to Stress Less and Sell More This Holiday Season (3 Ways to Stress Less and Sell More This Holiday Season ) (Credit: Getty Image)

The holiday season can be a time of joy and happiness, spent with family and friends around the fire and stuffing our faces with holiday feasts. But it can also be a time of stress, especially if you run your own business and have a million different things on your to-do list.

Here are three ways to stress less and sell more this holiday season.

Understand your stress triggers

Knowing your triggers-what sets you off-can help you realize why you're stressed and what to do to avoid this stress. We all stress out about certain things, but stress management can go a long way.

Perhaps family conversation stresses you out because it leads to the inevitable questions about your life choices, such as moving away to a different state or country to pursue your dreams. You know these questions are coming, and the stress starts to boil inside before you even reach your holiday destination.

This is a trigger. Identifying it as one can help, as can brainstorming responses to these questions. Getting mad or coming back with snappy responses won't solve anything-it'll fuel the fire (no roasted chestnuts included).

Understanding why you're stressed and what your triggers are can help you avoid these stressors when you can, and come up with reasonable solutions when you can't. 

Ensure you have a top-notch health insurance plan to tackle seasonal cold/flu

Nothing wrecks a holiday mood quite like a stuffy nose, plugged ears, and a cough that won't go away. Seasonal cold/flu comes for all of us, but ensuring we have a top-notch health insurance plan can help as it allows you to make doctor appointments without worrying about how much the visit and subsequent medication will cost.

Of course, premiums are rising and quality health insurance is becoming as mystical and mysterious as, well, a person in a red suit trying to fit down a chimney.

If you're looking for affordable options, then Agile Health Insurance can help as they provide short-term health insurance in case of an unexpected accident or illness. This type of insurance can save the day if you need coverage during a transition period or want a solution outside of Obamacare.

Figuring out your health insurance can help you conquer the cold/flu season with a slice of peace of mind.

Outsource as much as possible

A big reason why people are stressed around the holidays is because of work. Some people can't afford to take a holiday vacation while others worry about putting their work on hold. This is for entrepreneurs and office warriors alike.

The solution is outsourcing as much as possible. While outsourcing requires planning and trust because you're handing off tasks to people who aren't yourself, it can help you get done with more work in less time. It can also ensure you get a break this holiday season while still finishing your work.

As an example, drop shipping retailers only have to focus on marketing products and selling them as they don't have inventory or need to design and create new products. These tasks are outsourced to an outside company that provides the product on-demand, making it possible for a retailer to focus on what it does best-selling products to its customers.

Adding outsourcing to your team this holiday season can reduce stress-because you're handing off the work to someone else-while keeping up with sales and your business as the work is still being completed.

There are many ways to battle stress and sell more this holiday season and we hope the three strategies above can help.

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