Bad Habits That Don't Allow Students to Have Good Studying Results

November 11
10:47 PM 2019

Habits are the way your brain helps you by developing a pattern that is followed by the neurons. Your habits put you on autopilot and you can let them be your masters or servants. Most students allow their habits to become their masters and they mostly foster bad ones.

For instance, instead of doing your homework, you can waste time watching TV or chatting with friends on your Smartphone. This can lead to procrastination that will stress you out when it comes to submitting assignments. What's more, rushing to do homework at the last minute often leads to poor grades. And, no student wants to be disappointed with low scores on homework assignments or even big tests. Here are some of the bad habits that don't allow students to have good studying results.


If you spend your time on smartphone chatting with friends on Facebook or looking for the best vape pen for oil (extra resources) on Google, you won't have much time to study. A vape pen is a device used to heat e-juice or oil into the vapor that a person inhales while vaping. If you want to start vaping, it's a good idea to learn about different devices before you decide on what to buy. But, do it at the right time.

Don't forget that some of the friends you chat with on Facebook might not be students. They could also be chatting with you while doing chores like cooking and cleaning their homes. In other words, their chatting habits might not affect them negatively. That means you are the only one to lose for having this habit.

To avoid procrastination, adapt strategies like good time management and being organized. Come up with a to-do-list and follow it strictly once you start studying. You can even have someone check up on you to determine if you are making progress.

Studying at the Wrong Venue

The place where you choose to study can have a significant effect on your studying results. If you study near your bed or the couch, it's easy to fall asleep. That means this is not the best place for you to study. You may also study at a venue with distractions. These can also hinder your concentration. To avoid this, choose a study venue where you can concentrate. Test the suitability of different atmospheres to identify the best study venue.

Being Attentive to Distractions

Research indicates that distractions affect both cognition and memory. For some students, studying in front of a television is more fun. Others have fun studying while logged into their Facebook accounts. However, this can hinder you from getting the most from studying.

If you find staying disconnected while studying difficult, try to make watching television or logging into social media accounts a reward after studying.

Studying a Night before a Test or Exam

Some tests are easy and possible to pass by studying the night before you do them. It's indeed not surprising to find a student use an oil vape pen to stay awake while studying for a test. However, you won't pass for most tests if you study this way, especially when aiming for a deeper understanding and higher grades.

Academic studies require attention, energy, and time. Your brain might also not function properly if you don't get quality sleep a night before the test. This can further affect your studying results negatively. To avoid this, make sure that you get quality sleep the night before the test. You can even do something like meeting friends or taking a walk a day before the test.

Ignoring Problems

Teaching and learning involve different techniques, approaches, and words. Students have different learning and understanding capabilities. If you don't understand what you are studying, seek assistance. Failure to seek help will lead to poor grades on assignments or exams. Therefore, if you study mathematics or science for weeks and not get even a clue of what you are required to know, get help. Nobody understands everything the moment they hear it.

What makes some students successful is their approach to study problems. Instead of ignoring difficult topics, bright students seek help from teachers and colleagues. Therefore, if you face difficulties in your studies, get help from teachers, friends, parents, or guardians.

Choosing the Wrong Study Group

Choosing the people you study with is as important as selecting the right venue. The individuals you have in your study group will affect your learning and overall performance. For instance, a friend that is always on social media or using their vape oil pen can be a distraction. However, students that are always motivated to learn can inspire you to study.

Friends can be a good or bad study group. As such, it's important to choose the friends you include in your study group carefully. Choose friends that support and challenge you to study. If a friend wants you to chat on things that are not related to what you are studying, don't include them in your study group.

Being Stressed Out by Poor Grades

It's normal for students to get things wrong and end up with low grades. If you make mistakes in your test or hand in badly written homework, you will end up with a bad grade. However, this should not be something to stress you out and hinder you from studying properly. Learn to take occasional failures positively by learning from them. If a bad study habit led to occasional failure, learn from it.

The worst thing a student can do is to allow an occasional failure to knock their confidence down. Therefore, instead of giving up or spending all your time with the best oil vape pen whining about your low grades focus on improving your study habits.

The Bottom Line

Students are different and what works for you might not work for your friends. You may understand and retain more if you study with the best vape pen for oil by your side. However, this device can be a distraction for your friend. Therefore, take time to explore different study habits to know and practice what works best for you.

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