5 Things to Know About Your Partner Before You Make the Relationship Official

(Credit: Photo by Yuri Catalano ) 5 Things to Know About Your Partner Before You Make the Relationship Official5 Things to Know About Your Partner Before You Make the Relationship Official
October 9
10:22 PM 2019

The age of technology has enabled us to connect with anyone all over the world. In fact, almost 40% of all couples begin their relationship by meeting online, primarily through dating apps. 

It's never been easier to connect with new people as it is right now. Unfortunately, an online profile can only tell us so much. While we all hope that our profiles represent the best version of yourself, you never know when someone might be lying or hiding important information. In an effort to make it to the first date, people might fudge important information, like the name of their college or the place that they work. 

After a few dates, you might be ready to have "the talk." This is an exciting step in any relationship, but if you met online, you need to ensure that the person you're seeing is telling the truth. We all like to believe that we know the person we're dating fairly well, but unless you have a friend to vet their history, you might be getting the wrong impression. 

When you're ready to take your relationship to the next level, be sure you know these five important facts about your partner: 

1. Have they cheated before? 

The old adage of "once a cheater, always a cheater" has been hyped to gargantuan proportions; of course a person is capable of change. In many cases, the cheater will regret their actions and vow to never do it again. The problem arises when a person is unwilling to share this information. 

Owning your past is a huge indicator of a person's level of maturity. We've all made mistakes, but sweeping ugly things under the rug is never a good look, especially if it wriggles its way onto the hardwood later. When you want to get the truth from your potential partner, sitting them down and having an honest talk about cheating and your expectations on monogamy is vital. More and more people are experimenting with open relationships and polyamory, but you need to ensure you and your partner are on the same page before you take the next step. 

2. Have they been arrested?

There are many reasons someone might be arrested, but it's important to know the who, the what, and the why before you enter a relationship. After all, something like getting arrested for loitering is not nearly as bad as getting arrested on domestic abuse charges. When you don't know the person you're dating that well, investing in free background checks will help you determine if a real relationship is worth pursuing or if you should get out while you still can. 

3. Will they be relocating in the near-future?

This question might seem obvious, but many college students and recent college graduates struggle to navigate relationships and their career at the same time. If you're dating someone who is applying for grad school, knowing that they might be moving earlier can save you a lot of heartbreak later. While countless relationships are able to survive geographical distances, you have to think about the end-goal: do you want an actual relationship or a casual fling? If you see a future with this person, you might want to talk about how geography will change your relationship.

4. Do they want kids? 

This question is a huge no-no for a first date, but a relationship label demands that you're on the same page. Dating apps might be known for their emphasis on hook-up culture, but many people are looking to go on dates to find their future spouse. If you plan on having kids in the next few years, you don't want to date someone who hates children. 

When you think you're ready to get into a new relationship, it's important to ascertain that your family goals align. Otherwise, both parties might be left feeling unfulfilled. 

5. What is their relationship with their family? 

There's no right or wrong answer to this question, only what works for you. Some people only like to see their family a few times each year while others can't stand the thought of Sunday dinners alone. While these qualities won't make or break your relationship, determining how their familial bonds will affect your relationship is something to consider. 

Getting into a relationship is fun, exciting, and more than a little nerve-wracking. The next time you meet someone great, be sure you're on the same page before taking the next step into a relationship. 

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