9 Handy Gadgets to Make College Life Easier in 2019

September 17
10:32 PM 2019

A student's life is always full of challenges and struggles, like lots of lectures, assignments, and tight budgeting. Luckily, technology makes a lot of these tasks easier. 

You may have already browsed lots of materials with top lists for apps to download, maybe even found the best platform with professional essay writers as a backup plan for urgent assignments, but what about gadgets?

Different gadgets help with planning, studying, organizing everyday routine, etc. Here are nine unusual items that will make your college life better.                                      

HeimVision Wake-Up Light

It is a great gadget to make waking up much more comfortable and more pleasant. Its light simulates natural sunshine with increasing brightness. There are several sounds and melodies to wake up to. 

Natural light helps one feel better in the morning and be more energetic. There is also a radio and get-to-sleep help. 

If you have trouble falling asleep, the sleep-help noises will help you. One can also turn on a pleasant night-light. Another great advantage is that it can be controlled via a mobile app, so the adjustments are simple to make.

AdirChef Grab N' Go Personal Coffee Maker

The first thing many students can think of after getting up is coffee. And buying it on the go isn't eco or budget-friendly. 

For most learners, it is impossible to start the day without drinking coffee, so here is a perfect solution. 

AdirChef Grab N' Go is a small coffee maker with a portable mug made of stainless steel. It is simple - turn it on, get dressed, take the cup with freshly-made coffee with you and start a great day. The best thing is that the machine uses a permanent filter, which is environmentally-friendly. It also saves a lot of money. 

iPad Apps

iPads made our lives much better. They are portable, light, and have all the necessary tools for studying. Mostly, it is used by learners to take or make notes. 

For instance, the GoodNotes app is excellent for working with digital copies of documents and books. You can read study materials here and make handwritten notes right on the margins. 

Another great app for iPad is Notability - it allows creating all kinds of notes, so you can use it during a lecture or work at home. You can write letters here by hand, take pictures or record audio, and save it in one document. It is fast, easy, and incredibly comfortable to use. 

Google Home Mini

This gadget is fascinating in terms of functionality. First of all, it is a necessary helper that can be linked to almost any smart home device. Secondly, it remembers your voice, helps with online search and planning. It can be used to play music or listen to study podcasts

You can also ask any question with "Hey Google" and get the answer right away. So whether you need to make a schedule, get the weather forecast or check the meetings for a day - there is a comprehensive gadget for everything.

Charging Backpack

This one a total must be for a student. First of all, everyone has more than one gadget with them today - phone, laptop, iPad, etc. Some backpacks charge via sun powered panels. Other ones can be plugged into the outlet. 

They usually have other benefits, like durable materials and saving lots of space. Now you can charge your phone on a lecture while taking notes on a laptop.

Amazon Kindle

This is another excellent way to have all books and study materials in one place. Today, everyone seems to be forgetting paper covers. And a lot of scholarly sources are online - indeed, it is convenient and easy. You can download a book from a college library or buy another one directly through the gadget. 

It is the best item to use for reading purposes because it is light, comfortable, and has all the necessary functions. Bonus: it holds a charge for a long time.


A smartpen allows transferring handwritten notes into documents of various formats like txt, Docx, PDF, etc. They hold a charge for several hours of writing and are very useful for creating documents, writing essays, and assignments on the go. 


This is one of the best ways to keep all communications in one gadget. Smartwatch is a necessity for those who want to be on time with everything. You can answer the phone, check emails, texts, etc. by using one small gadget.

There are ones with the fitness function that also keep track of your health. They give reports and alerts if something is wrong.

Pocket Projector

This item is great both for fun and for study. You can make a home cinema with it and study presentation even if there is no equipment in the classroom. It is wireless, small, and portable. With this gadget, it is easy to create an image of high-resolution on the wall. It is definitely a much more relaxing way to enjoy a favorite movie than on a laptop, and cheaper than going to the cinema.

Wrapping Up

These fascinating devices help to organize the study process comfortably, wake up quickly, and do a lot of things simultaneously. It is great to use technology to make college life more comfortable. Modern devices help to get information quickly, work with documents whenever you want, and plan everything out.

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