How a Free Invisible Keylogger for Android Helps Parents

September 12
10:18 AM 2019

If you're thinking of using invisible keylogger for Android device of your child, it is a sensible idea. Today's children can access easily the Internet thanks to the easy availability of sophisticated tech gadgets like smartphones, tablets, etc, coupled with high-speed internet. 

Impact on children from the Internet 

Increased use of the Internet by children is causing diverse problems. They lose focus on academics. They are likely to come into contact with bad/criminal elements which is likely to ruin their career and families.

Therefore, parents should consider taking care of this. They should guard their children by constantly monitoring the children's behavior online. Under such grim circumstances, an invisible keylogger for Android could be a great savior.

How do invisible keylogger for android help control children?

As parents, you would take care of your children by monitoring their online behavior. Thus, you must track who they contact on social media networks, who they communicate to by texting, who they exchange their pics and more. If you keep the keylogger in your child's smartphone invisible, it will be much useful for you.

Your child will stay oblivious of the fact that you're monitoring them.

When the spy app is not divisible, it will give an unbiased view on how your child is using the Internet. By this, you can take immediate and quality measures so you could avert a major danger.

Why do parents choose Snoopza? 

Today, there are dozens of phone spy apps available. Yet, many parents choose Snoopza. The most important reason is it fulfills the purpose, namely it can operate in the stealth mode.

That is, you can install the app in your child's smartphone without their knowledge. They even cannot know that the app is there on the phone if you keep it hidden in the device.

Further, Snoopza is a great phone monitoring app. It brings top quality invisible keylogger for Android, which you could use to track your child's phone location, view SMS, screenshots, Internet activity, camera activity, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype activity and telegram. Thus, with no cost, Snoopza brings so many benefits and is, therefore, most popular with parents.

What is the free functionality of the application? 

The Snoopza invisible keylogger for Android brings parents multiple benefits at nil cost. These include:

Invisible keylogger 

The keylogger from Snoopza is a great feature. This can be of great help to parents. Parents can install the app on the child's smartphone and keep it hidden there.

Track Calls 

Note that unlike other spy apps in the market, Snoopza app can save the conversation that happened between the target phone user and the third person.

Further, it records the time of outgoing, incoming and missed calls.

Manage SMS 

The Snoopza phone spy app can store the SMS received and sent on any device. This can equally work well in case of MMS.

Track Internet History 

Parents can know the child's activity on the Internet. This is because Snoopza stores all the URLs of the websites that were visited by the target mobile user. It can thus show the compressive Internet browsing history.

Geolocation Feature 

The Geolocation feature helps parents locate the device. This happens when you download the Snoopza app and start using, it will work by real GPS locator. Thus, the app can locate the target device exactly regardless of whether it is a smartphone or a tablet.

The location of the target device is possible thanks to the functionality of Wi-Fi and signals sent by cell phone towers.

The functionality of the paid version of Snoopza 

The paid version offers the basic features as well as the following additional exclusive features:

Record calls 

Income and outgoing calls are recorded with voice.

Viber spy 

You can track the activities on Viber including messages, images, and calls - all that happens on the target device.

WhatsApp spy 

This feature records all the activities performed on WhatsApp: received and sent messages, video, and audio.


This feature creates screenshots on Android. It's a great chance to interpret critical information.


Use this feature to track the target phone user's activity on Snapchat.

Check contacts

The Snoopza invisible keylogger for Android saves all the contact numbers that re there on the target phone. You can check out the numbers.

Track to-do list 

The spy app can track your child's to-do list of activities.

Stealth Mode 

You can keep the spy app in the stealth mode. That is, you can keep it in the hidden state so that the target phone user remains completely unaware of it.

Tracking camera 

When an intruder unlocks the screen of the target device, the app remotely take the screenshot or photo of the person.

Know the replacement of SIM 

The app continues to work even when the SIM is replaced with a new one. You can know that the SIM has been replaced.

What do you need to install Snoopza? 

To install Snoopza invisible keylogger for Android, you need to possess the target Android device physically. Or, you cannot install it.

To install, log into your account; If you don't have one, create one with a good password. Now login to your account and download the installation files onto the target device.


Snoopza phone tracker app can be used by diverse groups of people - parents with school-going children, business owners to monitor their employees, spouses suspicious of their wife's/husband's moral rectitude, and professional involved hacking of software.

Employers can monitor their employees' smartphones provided the devices and SIMs are owned by them. You should notify employees that they are under your scanner. You must not track your employees without letting it known to them. If you do so, it's a case of infringement of privacy and hence a crime under the law.

Parents of wary of the negative consequences of the Internet should use the app to monitor children. This is because parents are responsible to take such care of children.

However, if your child is a teen take caution before you start using the app. Discuss the matter with them and let them know that you are going to monitor them. This will rule out any misunderstanding and help build trust.

For Unhappy spouses, take enough caution so that it does not erode the relationship further.


Snoopza app comes in two versions: the Basic version and the Standard version. The Basic version is free.


Basic Plan


1 month



1 year



The Standard version is priced at $9.95 for one month and $99.95 for 12 months.

Conclusions and results 

Snoopza is among the best phone tracker apps. It's simple and easy to operate. For parents, there is hardly any other app as good as it. Even the basic version offers good features. Given all these positive things, consider the legality when installing the invisible keylogger for Android in the target device/devices.

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