Millennials Are Choosing a Different Kind of Gift

September 11
10:17 PM 2019

Remember the times when people used to go to gift shops to buy presents for their beloved ones? Well, those times seem to be long gone. A new trend of non-materialism and anti-possession has waded through. The markets are struggling to take it on the chin, though.

The tendency is especially spread among the millennials. A large portion of this cohort seems to be more inclined to going back to nature and our roots, a lot more than going gift-shopping downtown. This has affected the markets in both good and bad ways. Even ugly ones, too. 

The Good 

When attending birthday parties, millennials do not bother wandering around the stores anymore. What they do instead is order bouquets online and have them delivered to the party host's house. Yes, birthday flowers for friends seem to be a great choice nowadays. 

Many online flower stores have reported an increase in sales in the last couple of years. Their target consumers are no longer old ladies attending the mass on Sunday. It's millennials themselves. People save a lot of time shopping on the internet instead of in-store.

The Bad 

Yes, flower shops have taken over the helm when it comes to gift-giving. Not too low on the list come the online plant stores. These are an excellent alternative for the non-flowery friend but are something you can keep for many years and still brighten up a home. So, buying plants for a home full of life is also up there.

You may well agree. But, buying less expensive gifts has caused many traditional businesses to implode. Brick and mortar gift shops have had fewer customers compared to online stores. This has much affected their turnover, no doubt about that. There is always someone or something affected by others success.

The Ugly 

This non-materialistic trend is completely sidelining other smaller businesses. Let's say a millennial wants to buy their parents a greenhouse. They would not go to the shop around the corner, but rather go online and get it there, probably for a much better price. 

The same goes for outdoor decor, such as tablecloths, flowers, or doormats. Millennials are shying away from local producers. They claim they are overpriced, especially when it comes to natural products. Thus, local producers are often forced to shut down their physical businesses. Instead, they are obliged to test the waters online. 

So, What Happens to the Good Old Gifts? 

Well, not much. You can still purchase your friend's favorite book on Amazon. The only difference now is that millennials would not go for material valuables. They would instead pick a gift they can experience, appreciate, and would suit their wallet.

This does not mean that all the gift shop businesses will go down the drain. It just means that they will have to extend or adapt their brand accordingly.

So, is your millennial friend having a birthday next month? Now you know what sort of gift you should get them. No bone china, no crystals, no porcelain. Just Mother Nature. Online. 

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