Your Business Needs Email Verification Now

July 5
11:47 AM 2019

Whether you are an online business or a brick and mortar, you can benefit from email verification. Take a moment to think about your current business model. Do you ship out physical goods, sell digital products, or just conduct business face to face? 

Think about your sales process, in each one of those scenarios you need to collect customer data to complete a sale. Unless you are merely selling ice cream out of a cooler for cash at a beach on a hot summer's day. 

The big picture here is that customer data is essential to your business, and you need accurate information. Collecting data allows you to reconnect to your customer post-sale to generate repeat buyers and boost your revenues. 

Let's take a more in-depth look at a few different examples of online and offline businesses and how they benefit from using an email verification service.

Example 1: An online business selling digital downloads such as e-books.

Company XYZ is in the business of selling e-books and has done a great job marketing their products. Setting up Facebook ads, having a social media strategy, running Google ad campaigns, and getting results. But, Company XYZ does not have email verification in place.

Although things seem to be running smooth, hiccups happen that could easily have been avoided. A customer comes over to their site to make a purchase of an eBook for $8.99 and accidentally enters an email address containing a typo. 

The customer does not realize he has made this typo, and his checkout process still goes smooth. He was able to get his instant eBook download because luckily for him, he did not have to wait on an email to receive his digital content.

Even up to this point, it feels like no big deal because the customer got what he needed. No complaints, right? Wrong! You will now run into a problem when you go to send off an automated follow up next week.

A bad email address collected means you are going to be hit with a hard bounce. One or two hard bounces are not much of a problem. However, as your list grows more bounces mean more deliverability issues. It's better to have a layer of protection in place and prevent bad email addresses from entering your funnel.  Ask for a free list assessment of your data.

Example 2: An online business selling physical goods.

Let's say you have an online bookstore specializing in self-help books. Your site is very popular and you average 200 orders per day. Clearly, your business is doing good, but you don't have email verification in place. 

A brand-new customer lands on your site and adds 3 books to their cart. You have a traditional checkout process, so it requires the user to register if it's their first purchase. After filling out contact information, shipping information, and billing details, the customer unknowingly makes a typo in their email address. 

At this point, the customer believes their order was submitted successfully and is now just waiting to get their books in the mail. Five days go by, and the books haven't arrived yet, so the customer gets antsy and wants to know where they are. 

So, the customer sifts through their email account looking for a confirmation of the order to locate a tracking code, but none is to be found. The customer never received the email because they provided an incorrect email address.

The customer then must call into customer service. Customer service asks the user for their email address so they can look up the order. Again, another fail because the customer did not enter the email address correctly the first time. The customer is still unaware of the mistake he made now becomes frustrated with the company.

Finally, the customer service rep can look up the order using his address. Imagine if he would have messed that up as well. 

This whole disaster could easily be avoided with a simple layer of validation. Prevention is always better than cure. Try our email verifier and see how quick and simple email verification is for yourself. 

Don't let your business become burdened by bad data. One incident like the one described above could land you in hot water. It only takes one customer to write a poor experience review that prevents others from buying from you.

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