What You Need To Open an Insurance Brokerage

May 24
9:57 PM 2019

Beginning any business comes with its fair share of fear, but the competitive world of insurance brokerage can come with a special set of challenges. It takes a strong entrepreneurial spirit to go from working for an insurance agency to beginning their own. Researching the challenges ahead of time and ensuring you are prepared for what lies ahead will be vital. Afterall, insurance is all about preparedness, so your customers, and therefore your business, will not fare well if your company does not have a plan in place.

Fuel this spirit with the image of you running the exact company you imagine, without managers peering over your shoulder or following rules you find unnecessary. You will be on your own time, able to handle leads and clients how you see fit, but the road to that point of glory can be confusing.

Experience Is Key

Firstly, someone running an Insurance Brokerage should have experience as an insurance agent. Choosing a company should be done with care because moving from one company to another can show a lack of dedication, and gets rid of the chance of promotion.

Start to use the knowledge you gain as an insurance agent and the connections you acquire to move up in the company. To be fully aware of what it takes to run your own insurance brokerage, you must know what roles each employee, or department, plays. Without the experience and knowledge related to all aspects of your business you will not be able to ensure you have hired the correct people for the job.

Have a Plan

Create a clear landscape for your proposed business. Consider if the brokerage will have specific insurances offered, and even contemplate hard-to-know projections, like bottom line profits and the company's future deliverables.

Planning the specifics of your business will be a lengthy process before even taking on customers. You need to come of as an expert in your field and provide every detail without question. Without knowing exactly what services your company is able to provide, customers will not be able to trust you with their business.

Just as well, know where your company is headed. A company is pulling in every direction to without direct goals to accomplish, will never make any headway. Your company needs to have a clear path set in front of them, where every task brings the company closer to its ultimate goals.

For instance, consider your company plans to take control of the insurance market for technological giants. You will need to make sure you company is only taking steps which gather the necessary IT connections and notoriety in that arena before jumping in only to be crushed by those currently at the top.

Carrier and Client Relations

Insurance carriers are difficult to get contracts with because of a decreasing amount of brokers allowed for each insurance company. Without a strong reputation, your new company's business will not be as valuable, to insurance carriers, as that of a long-standing trustworthy company. You will need to prove your company will be a positive investment for them.

Having a concise presentation ready will work with your detailed business plan to show the carriers how prepared the company is to launch. Clients will need procured, just as in any insurance agency. The employees of the firm, primarily insurance agents, must know the principles of following leads, while keeping all business both legal and ethical.

Choosing a Niche

A wise choice for a company just beginning in the Insurance Industry is to find a particular category, or niche, to fit into. The potential client base is smaller than with broader types of insurance offered, but it will be easier to gain clients in a less competitive space. This specialization in the type of coverage can let an insurance brokerage really know potential clients and their needs.

However, ensure your chosen niche is one that can be expanded. Getting too specific with your niche can limit your business' growth. If your business' success relies too heavily on specific state laws or a regional market, further along, it may become impractical or too expensive to alter your practices in order to expand to an interstate or national level.

The Technical Details

Once you know you have the determination and experience to establish real-world connections and gain clientele, there are the technical issues of opening an insurance brokerage.

Office Space

Looking for the perfect office space is exciting, but daunting at the same time. The more high-traffic a location is, the more walk-ins you could recieve, but these prime areas will not come cheap.

The minimal amount of rooms you need is: your private office, a cozy waiting space, and a conference area and any space necessary to accommodate additional employees. When these needs are met, make sure to add personal touches to the office, or even sparsely in the rest of the business. Part of this cost will be the objects filling the office with what you need to both be successful and present the image you want to clients.


Most entrepreneurs have the drive to complete multiple roles, but with the gravity of an insurance firm, it should be admitted early on that help is needed. An assistant can take care of any small issues you feel they can handle. Choosing someone with the right expertise is tricky since most tasks are regular office chores, but you still need someone who understands how an insurance company works.


Marketing requires much more than a newspaper ad with today's large customer scope. Begin to market your company from before its official birth. Make sure to always advertise online, and use location specific terms, like insurance broker London, Ontario, so you can be found locally. A great way to get the company name out to a large group is to participate in a local event. Accessibility is key, wider range strategies such as these, along with internet advertisement, will spread awareness of your company and bring in more clients.

Motivation To Begin An Independent Brokerage

A forward-thinking mind with an eye for innovation can take their insurance agent experience and turn it into their own brokerage firm. Opening the company will be difficult, but gaining clientele will be harder. With the right skills and planning, this task becomes less daunting and goals are drawn closer to your grasp.

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