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Accessories and equipment for emergency situations

April 17
10:14 AM 2019

There are lots of situations on the road which require presence of certain accessories in the car. These situations can be caused by a road accident or vehicle malfunction. Accessories and equipment necessary in emergency situations presented on our website include the following categories:

Car first aid kits. Presence of these items is mandatory. Their contents may vary depending on a country, but mostly they include medical supplies, such as bandaging materials, various types of medication, adhesive bands, antiseptic wipes, etc. which can be needed for first-aid treatment in case of injuries.

Emergency hammers. These tools help to break car window if a passenger or a drive cannot get out due to a broken door lock, or they stay unconscious. Remember that most front windscreens cannot be broken with the help of hammer as they are made of triplex, multi-layered glass.

Fire extinguishers. In case of combustion inside or outside of the vehicle, this equipment will be necessary to extinguish the flame. There are various types of fire extinguishers, but usually, CO2-filled powder ones are used in cars. Car fire extinguisher should be rated BC, or ABC, thus made for extinguishing all classes of flames. These accessories differ by tank volume and can be provided with fastening brackets.

Safety vests. There are lightweight vests, usually made of fluorescent synthetic fabric, with light-reflective stipes on them. They provide high visibility of a person in conditions of poor visibility.

Torches. There are warning lights, which can be put on a ground near a car, if its lighting equipment is broken, to additionally mark a road accident or dangerous location and to warn other road users about an immovable vehicle on their way. Usually such devices have a few lighting modes, including flashing.

Warning triangles. A warning triangle is plastic-metal triangular sign about 18" tall, with light-reflective coating. Usually it has support legs and fluorescent orange vinyl material inside. The triangles are used mostly for the same reasons as torches; except they do not emit light, only reflect it.More information you can find here:

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