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International Gold Coins that Will Diversify Your Portfolio

April 10
11:21 AM 2019

Are you looking into investments that go beyond borders? While people from around the world invest in American stocks and mutual funds, Americans can also benefit from looking overseas for great opportunities. There are two main reasons U.S. investors look beyond their own borders for investments:

  • Diversifying their portfolios and spreading investment risk among foreign markets and assets
  • Taking advantage of foreign growth potential, where emerging markets can outperform more established economies

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If you're seeking out assets that can help you diversify your portfolio and manage risk, gold might be one of the most effective investment vehicles available to you. While domestic gold investments can easily be purchased and stored with a trusted broker or in your own home, there are also compelling reasons to consider buying and storing gold offshore with a broker. That also means going beyond the American Gold Eagle and exploring gold coins and bars from international sources.

Why is gold a great international investment?

Investors often turn to international markets when they want to buy gold largely because of how taxation works. There are no federal taxes placed on gold, but state taxes can be levied even on gold bullion. In most states, investments over a certain amount are exempt from gold tax. For example, in New York, only gold bullion purchases above $1,000 are exempt from local sales tax, which can be over 8 percent. Furthermore, there are typically capital gains taxes when you sell your gold bullion. Some investors may want to buy gold internationally for a tax advantage.

What are the best international gold coins you can buy?

The American Gold Eagle is not as common overseas; in fact, they are nearly impossible to find in two of the world's largest gold markets, Hong Kong and Singapore. Like the South African Gold Krugerrand, the Gold Eagle is 22 karat (i.e., .9167 gold), and weighs roughly 1.1 ounces, making them heavier than the standard 24 karat bullion coins found around the world.

The Austrian Philharmonic is not that popular in Asian markets either, but it does dominate European gold markets.

Australian Kangaroos are popular in Asian markets for investors looking for alternatives to the Chinese Panda due to Australia's proximity to the Far East.

By far one of the most well-respected gold coins in international markets it the Canadian Maple Leaf, the second nationally-minted gold coin in history. The Canadian government released them in response to sanctions that made the Gold Krugerrand difficult to obtain, and that's made it one of the most widely accepted gold coins in international markets like Hong Kong. The Gold Maple Leaf is an excellent addition to your portfolio due to reasonable premiums, widespread availability in the U.S., and broad international acceptance.

You can find all of these coins online. All you have to do is stop by, an international gold bullion dealer, and have them shipped to you or get international storage. Trusted broker storage should be your first option if you're worried about gold confiscation, bank bail-ins, or your privacy. Diversify your portfolio and spread your risks around with international gold coins.

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