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6 Reasons to Get Workforce Management Software Today

February 28
11:02 AM 2019

Business is hard enough for restaurateurs as it is. Anything that can help their restaurant succeed should be welcomed. Many tech-savvy restaurants today are using workforce management software - here are four good reasons why.

Saving Time

Perhaps the main reason why you need to know about workforce management software is that it saves a great deal of time while making schedules, as much as 80%. Even for smaller restaurants that don't have many employees, scheduling still involves juggling a lot of moving pieces. This software doesn't only make scheduling faster, but easier.

No more post-it notes or writing in pen in tiny boxes on calendars. Everyone posts when they're available and unavailable with intuitive drag-and-drop features, and the schedule gets automated. You want your workers to work where they're most effective-in the kitchen and the dining room.

Ease of Communication

This software makes it extremely easy for the whole team to communicate in one place because it's all from your phone, making it simple to find someone to cover a shift in an emergency. Send messages simultaneously via group chat, text and email, so employees can respond in whatever format with which they're most comfortable. Yet it's also centralized: even though everybody on the team can check the schedule on whatever device they most prefer, they only have one place they ever need to check.

Control Labour Costs

Beyond just saving time with schedules, this software can measure your labour costs on a daily and monthly basis. It even sends automatic notifications when employees qualify for overtime pay. Measure your costs against projected labour totals with a handy labour cost savings calculator feature. This makes it extremely easy for managers to get the data they need, right away.

Leave Requests

Whether it's for one day off or longer, industry leaders of employee scheduling software like 7shifts lets employees make leave requests easily via the mobile app, where it's all stored in one calendar so it's easy for employees and managers to track. Employees will be glad they can make leave requests on the go, and you'll be glad that what can often be a complicated process which matters a lot to your workers runs very smoothly.

Manager Log Books

Managers have a devoted customizable log book that tracks important information like daily notes, important shift details and more. The manager log book comes in a default mode, but can be easily changed so you can track whatever metrics are important for your restaurant

Time Clocking

Whenever an employee checks in and out of work, there'll be a record, making it easy to track attendance, time management, and even labour compliance. You can limit early sign-in, enforce break times, and prevent unauthorized punches. And if an employee forgets to sign out after their shift, it can be programmed to sign out automatically if not done by a certain time.

Using technology intelligently to help make your restaurant succeed is important. and workforce management software can save your business valuable time and supply important data.

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