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3 Tips for having Successful Interviews in Insurance Sales

December 27
9:53 PM 2018

Insurance, as an industry, presents a seemingly boundless amount of opportunities for the budding careerist; there are tons of positions being created each and every day. During the span of your career, it's likely you'll find yourself taking over a variety of positions, working for brokers, insurers, and perhaps even the rapidly-growing sector of InsureTech industries.

While many people see the world of insurance sales as static, if not banal, this is simply not the case. These are undue stereotypes that inhibit people from actualizing their full potential as experts in sales. As a result, it becomes difficult for insurers to attract the best talent in their field. Only a fortunate few are able to see just how interesting and progressive insurance, as an occupation, has become in recent years - an outsider's point of view is one of the many benefits of working with sales recruiters to approach potential employees.

The following will outline a few ways to avoid thinking according to those stereotypes, as well as how to maximize your time during sales interviews so a candidate can become a future employee.

Ensure That Motivation is Foregrounded

It's necessary for you, as a recruiter, to understand why it is a candidate has approached you for a position. Their motivations, in addition to experience and expertise, will heavily determine what kind of employee they will make at your insurance firm. This is certainly true of other industries, but it's particularly poignant when it comes to selling insurance.

For example, if it seems like someone is only interested in making money, rather than supporting an enterprise holistically, their motivations are skewed and vulgar. If you can't clearly identify the intentions of the candidate, it's unlikely they'll be able to efficiently sell your product.

Determine if Your Candidate is in it for the Long Haul

You need people who see themselves as members of a family in an office environment and will therefore be working with you for many years to come. Longevity is the key to any company's success, as it typically comes coupled with dedication and a sense of love for one's coworkers. If this kind of situation doesn't seem like it's in the cards for the person whom you're interviewing, it's in your best interest not to hire them.


Look For Highly-Skilled Individuals

Not only will the ideal employee have an astute knowledge of insurance, but also of the ways by which digital culture is revolutionizing the industry. Most companies are attempting to become more digitized, such that an candidate must understand how to use online sales tools to cultivate an online presence.

It goes without saying that insurance is a very particular field, with a great deal of etiquette rules and regulations that must be internalized entirely. There's always going to be a learning curve, but the right candidate will catch on quickly, and this adaptability should stand out during the interview. Be sure to test them and them feel as though they're really on the spot. With these practices and tips in mind, you'll fill any position with top talent, no matter how in-demand the industry may be.

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