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Why Email Marketing Isn’t a Bust

(Credit: Unsplash) Email Marketing
August 8
11:28 AM 2019

When you think about the leading marketing tactics, does email marketing come to mind? If not, then it most definitely should! With over 90% of online adults using email, and over 60% of them using email daily, you can undoubtedly expect your content to reach viewers.

This statistic is even greater than adults who use a search engine daily! Email marketing is a great tool to strengthen your brand and grow your company. Email can also be used alongside a successful Facebook adsagency , in order to target a specific audience of your choice. Here, we can look at why email marketing isn't a bust!

Email is preferred 

With more than half of us wanting to be contacted by email rather than by a phone call, we can use this platform to easily connect with customers. We know that mobile use is only increasing, and checking an email is something that most of us do on our mobile devices. Some even check their email before getting out of bed in the morning! Email makes it easy for marketers to reach individuals in several different age groups, as mobile and social media use is prominent within all age ranges. 

Affordable Marketing Strategy 

Not only is email a solid way to reach an audience, but it is also much cheaper to use than running ads, for example. Instead of taking the risk of launching an ad that may never generate results, you can take a step back and test it with email first. This is the beauty of email marketing. Testing what works is free and is a great tactic to use when planning your email marketing strategy. When you implement testing properly, you will find what the customer likes best. 

It Can Be Integrated with Other Marketing Platforms 

Email marketing can also be used alongside your facebook ads. You can test images or other content within your email list, to use them in your Facebook posts. Email can be used to promote your Facebook page as well. You can let your email subscribers know what you are offering on Facebook, and therefore increase your following. Once you merge your email list into your social media platform, you can expect to target a larger audience. These contacts will allow your product and brand to branch out and reach more viewers. Email marketing is very useful when implemented into your social media marketing plan. 

Give the Customers What They Want

You need to stay relevant and up to date when launching any form of advertising or marketing. Email marketing allows you to keep up with the trends and adapt to what people like best. You can always mix up your content to attract new readers. Considering 61% of consumers would rather be contacted by a brand through email, than any other channel, this gives you a great reason to do just that! Target your key audience by creating a brand through email. Trigger emails are great tools to use. These can be sent to encourage consumers to finalize a purchase. You can send an email reminding them to do this when they put an item into a shopping cart, for example. 

To wrap things up, we can see why email marketing isn't a bust because of how adaptive and relevant it can be. Email can be implemented into different social media platforms to see great results in brand awareness. Email is also an extremely cost-effective tool that can be used in many ways. Testing will ultimately allow you to see what the customer likes best. With a return of investment being $43 dollars for every $1 spent, it only makes sense to come up with the best email marketing strategy possible! Although technology is always evolving, email remains the leading tool for marketers to use.

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